Underground Railroad Country (Ur Country)

by Trey Libra fka Jacob Izrael

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Trey Libra's Underground Railroad Country (UR Country) has a lot of depth to it. It talks about Police Brutality in America and the mistreatment that people of color face everyday. Including some of his own personal experiences with racial profiling.


Narration Intro:
How do you do ladies and gentlemen, I'm Trey Libra, I'll be your tour guide today on the Underground Railroad.

America home of the free, land of the brave/ hard work and production from off the backs of slaves/systemic torture, denial is why we ain't forgave U.R. country, U.R. country, America

Narration 1:
I'm going to need everyone to keep all limbs inside the rides at all times

Verse 1:
He's a hard working citizen trying to make it by any means/know what I mean a nine to five, so his hands are clean/no pushing dope so these ain't facts about making crack/he's making tracks and spitting lyrical artifacts/as a fact they're yelling 1865/ We ain't free you see this stuff is still alive/ Pulled over in a Rover, lil room left on the shoulder/ interstate blues their hearts are getting colder/ flexing on me, trying to prove his authority/ I pray to GOD his body cam recording me/ but it still don't stop me from being bothered or being slaughtered/ Kennen Ivory Wayans now put it in a bottle/ send it cross the ocean let it wash up on the west coast/let my folks know some made it off them slave boats/let em know we don't have reparation/and white supremacy is the real hesitation


Narration 2:
I hope everyone is enjoying the ride thus far, stay tuned there's more to come

Verse 2:
This is made for the internet and never for the radio, some of these hip hop blog still won't play me though/ I take the scenic route, oh yes it's less traveled/these patriots want my head, go head and get the gavel, I meant meant the guillotine, what the hell mean, I'm still judged, I'm hunted down by Elmer Fudd/ You silly wabbit/ we can't have it 'til unify/ I hate a liar, I despise most who deny a lie/the industry is pimpin' and you are just hoeing, you tip toeing matter fact you're SamBo'n/ many rappers in position to bring the goods to the hood/but they rather be in homes adjacent to Hollywood/ congratulations, some see you as aberration you're different from the rest maybe Indian or Haitian/ I said congratulations on your new wealth and your status/ continue to keep it gutter on your brand new CD package

Final Hook 2X:

Narration 3:
This wonderful Underground Railroad Country ride was provided to you by Tone Jonez, Trey Libra, and Brave Creatures Music
we appreciate your business


released August 8, 2017
Produced by Tone Jonez



all rights reserved