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Now a days you have to be careful with so much death, captivity, and diseases surrounding us.


Keep angels around you cause these days there's no, keep angels around you cause these days there's no promises I'm careful with my moves cause now a days there's no second chances, there's no second chances

Verse 1:
2pac seen death around the corner / 2020 there's a virus name Corona / still going in blind with raw sex / some caught up in the net & the endless vortex / Harvey Weinstein to Jeff Epstein Robert Kelly old ass playing seen teens better guard your babies / these niggas giving rabies / these niggas wearing their jeans just as tight as the ladies / but I ain't trippin that's your preference & your prostate / got more money in your purse how can I hate / get back on the topic / Libra need to stop it / we know that the industry messy there's no need to mop it / Reality becoming real show / Road Rules / Real World who's the next to go / ain't no second chances people crapping out / on the first roll watch how you're stepping out

Verse 2:
Be careful they will kill for the clout /
Never mind the money, never mind famine, or a drought / man want fame they'll kill for social media / go live while your organs out bleeding ya/ won't attempt to even call for help/ got their phones in their hands too focused on self /
It's some good in the world but it ain't broadcast / it's like we all want change but nobody would act/we too worried 'bout the next man thoughts / can't even pass a bill because congress is bought / yeah, make America great again / then hate again / lock me up for the weed again / the county pen / guess we choose to wear these shoes & the county blues / Penitentiary chances guess we were born to lose guess we choose to wear these shoes & the county blues / Penitentiary chances but we don't have to lose

Verse 3:
This is a we chill to 20 til / 93 was long ago yes time is real / some argue is construct / I would argue that we're all stuck in matrix/ full hatred/ greed got us ape shit / friendships do expire keep your eye upon that date shit / you don't know where niggas been when they appear from the wind / you don't know if they've been plotting or if they want you to win/ all I really know for certain / that we all got our curtains/ you don't want to close them soon and cause your momma the burden / so be careful on how you entertain strangers / keep angels around & stir away from danger

Break down chant:
The only thing certain is death, you got to watch your step, watch your steps there's no second chances


released March 30, 2020
Produced by: DreamLife
Written by: Breana Marin, Tredale McCullough, and Jan Branicki


all rights reserved



Trey Libra fka Jacob Izrael St. Petersburg, Florida

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