Motives featuring Breana Marin

by Trey Libra fka Jacob Izrael

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Trey Libra is tired of asking people who owes him money for that very money. We deal with people every day who don't won't to pay us what we're owed or worked for. We fall out over payment and money. On this track Trey expresses all types of emotion due to people owing him money.


What's the hold up, I've been waiting for my money when it show up /cause when the check come thru that's when I go up / you know it doesn't come free what's your MOTIVE, what's your motive, what's your motive / I've been waiting for my money when it show up /cause when the check come thru that's when I go up / you know it don't come free what's your MOTIVE, what's your motives, what's your motives

They freeze up when it's time to pay them duckets / no lips clucking put the chips in the bucket / you've been talking where's the P notification / me & my boo been waiting to go on vacation / my pockets ain't straight trying to get them pesos / not straight enough trying to get like Jeff Bezos / to Amazon to Bali back to Japan / I'm sick of being broke I'm trying to be the man / Sick of not having sick of being laughed at / I'm sick talking send the money to my cash app/ Rappers want a verse but ain't paying / I ain't playing / continue dodging the words..... that I'm saying / will get you shook up, took up to the heavens / treat me like the IRS or the Reverend / want tithes & offerings cause I got offsprings you clueless like that puppy if you thought this was a free thing

We fell out over petty transactions / I'm upset cause you ain't really bout actions/ can give a hoot about a clique or a faction / guess it's real (what) law of attraction / I felt sorry, but you played me like Atari / more like a Sony / your efforts were so bologna/ no diss to Sony the graphics yup was that clear / should of known the same buffoonery every year / can't give a dollar or favor to your neighbor / cause when they turn their backs it cut just like some razors/
especially when they're hiding their motives/ cause when it's out in the open that stuff is explosive 2x/
So spare me with the bad news really what's the hold up / if it ain't right they hidden their motives

Thought that I told you to put the cash in the bag / five years is gone that lil cash didn't last /
back on my robbing spree/ these bill collectors bothering me /back on my charging fee / I need to hit the lottery /ohh wee I think I came upon a lick / found some work up in Atlanta lucky 7 Michael Vick / let's get this Duffle Bag and get it back to Florida / where them boys drive big trucks in muddy waters you heard the man don't find yourself up in surgery / you in some pliers, more like some fire like 3rd degree / what a man would do for respect & his lively hood / but you rather play with the matches set fire to the wood / they think it's all good, but the money all short / I want smoke with these n**** just like they're Newports/ by the packs until these rats show up with my racks / vocals like axe sharpened blades cutting thru the tracks


released April 6, 2020
Written by: Dreamlife, Breana Marin, and Tredale McCullough
Produced by: Dreamlife


all rights reserved



Trey Libra fka Jacob Izrael St. Petersburg, Florida

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