Lily Allen "Air Balloon" Remix feat. Jacob Izrael

by Trey Libra fka Jacob Izrael

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Just a fun track. The Remix of Lily Allen's "Air Balloon" from her 2014 LP "Sheezus"



Come meet me in the sky I'll be waiting for you/
And we can't hear what they say up in my Air Balloon 3X
Sing along any song you want to now we're so high that you
can't breathe up in my Air Balloon 3X

Verse 1:

I can't do this and I can't do that/if I go with the facts then my raps are whack/ lately fans are taking a liking to the nonsense/offensive content but no ones on the defense/so I decided to take flight in the sky/get lost from the drama I'm so high/ but not from the cannabis or any other smoke/ the elite has turned my genre into a laughing joke/who would have thought dudes be dressing like females/ but they ain't gay I'm just saying look at the details/they swapping spit and you still went out and bought it/it's okay, no hate come out the closet/ 2, 0, 1, 4, what more do we have in store/ we're in the era where you're applauded to be a whore/ go ahead and twerk, girl work it do it for the vine/ don't worry about your daughters they''ll turn out fine/

Verse 2:

I try my hardest not to hear what they say/ but air air balloon take me away/ I try my hardest not to hear what they say but so many souls led astray/we taking flight because the ground is so infested /the music business getting raped and molested/dumb it down there's no place for the crafted/if you witty and smart you getting laughed at/ ain't nobody got time to think we need a hit single so don't blink/ain't no chance after first week sales we don't make it then this ship gonna sink/well I'm a rebel and do it independently/rely on my fans and whoever is feeling the/ there's a chance they'll say I'm the bad guy/ wanna meet, they can meet me in friendly skies


released July 12, 2014
Remix Revised by: Halo Hits


all rights reserved



Trey Libra fka Jacob Izrael St. Petersburg, Florida

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