Tight Budget (2014 Release)

by Trey Libra fka Jacob Izrael

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Verse 1: On the way to the Run way, my flight delayed now i'm pissed Kanye/kinda late to the Maybach a lil rage inside but still no gunplay/ gotta blame myself can't blame nobody for my late arrival/been killing myself I guess you can say i'm suicidal/should I blame it on my extra slim pockets/never had the fuel to take it off like a rocket/core fans in the crowd saying stop it/feeling bad for yourself boy, sounds sloppy/get on your job, no hobby/ LORD of my ring but I ain't no Hobbit/ bustin guns at your enemies thought it was hard but really that's softness HOOK: Kinda late you think?, Better Late Than Ever (Repeat) Verse 2: Later than octoMOM on her period/yes homeboy I take this serious, mad at the world I was so furious skills I had no one was feeling it/ least what I thought in the back of my mind/ now Jake Iz back back on his grind thought my rhymes had to be swagged out cocaine all up in my lines/another lie that the enemy told/holding me back don't want to see what unfolds/hanging me out to dry, I mean die, now I see how they lose their soul/trying to be somebody they're not/ cover their hurt with the things they got/ what skills got to do with kicks and the strain of weed you just copped Verse 3: Imma (I am going to) break it down, psych I don't even know why they rap like that/raised in the era of the real back pack how they get away with a rap like that/ shame on the gate keepers yall making this music and the culture weaker last week I went to a show, I seen a rapper on stage with a dress and a pair of sneakers he swore to GOD he was swagged out/ i'm laughing hard bout to pass out/he turned around to the crowd use the metaphor bout the glass house/ouch, yeah man I don't even know why he had to explain/raps were about how he pull them thangs, and how he bust heads with the su wu gang/
Tight Budget 02:59
Hook: Trying to make this music work/but my pockets hurt and i'm on a budget/ trying to relate, trying to escape, tryin' to give y'all something that y'all gone love (4) Verse 1: Its 5 o'clock and i'm tweaking out/ain't wrote a line and i'm freaking out/this mead pad is empty man, no thoughts in mind what that's about (2) and the fridge empty/ gotta go to Walmart to get something to eat/but a nail in the tire, the van running hot, did I mention that the gas tank on on E (4) but I fail to believe that it won't work/got faith in myself plus I do work/lately I've been keeping to myself and some of y'all think that i'm a real jerk (6) but I got to make time for myself/ain't nobody looking out for my health/I learn a long time ago want something done right fosho you got to do it yourself (8) Ain't saying that I don't need a team/ but most of y'all jokers don't believe in my dream/i'm a one man show, don't need you around I really hope you understand what I mean (10) i'm trying to make this music work, I don't need dead weight trying to hold me down / matter fact I need positive heads if you gonna try to help Jake Iz reach the crown (12) bad enough that my pockets got lint / can't even tell you where my last was spent / $20 dollars away from being on my or living in a plastic tint (14) I ain't trying to ride around in a Benz/I ain't trying to floss hard in a Lexus/just trying to work hard/ I love this music like cowboys live their Texas (16) {2nd VERSE} No manager, no PR, but I bet I own my own publishing/ no publicist, no agent, independent homeboy and i'm loving it got a iTunes check and a lil google play we all want more but what can I say, tight budget but it's my pay tight budget but it's my pay so I ride around in this voyager it's paid for so no towing her
ED & ED 03:37
HOOK: Energy drinks & eye drops, waffle house & ihop, studio time, video shoots, told ya boy it don't stop.....it don't stop. I've been putting it down in this bedroom my ninja like all day/ ProTools just sexing I meant session yes 4 play (2) Not for play, I do this for real/Go so hard still without the deal, won't sign it less given a mill/ anything less you can't be for real (4) i'm playing/ but i'm saying I ain't even trying to get rob/ all this time spent on this music I may as well get a job (6) and we all know how that goes/interfering with shows/you're more talented than your boss so he wants to be an A-hole (8) VERSE 2: I just crushed like two cans now i'm feeling like I got wings/i'm so hype up in this mofo i'm thinking that I can sing (2) sing a lil bit of that R Kelly/ feel I lil burn in my belly, drank too much of the E.D. man / when I burp you can show nuff smell it/ I drank so much I should get sponsored/ they should feel honored/ when I gulp that down I feel like a energized monster/it's on now, now i'm alright/I can write like all night/ ain't going to sleep no time soon it was dark at first now it's all bright/ that's right, that's pm to the am/ writing all night now it's time to lay 'em/them vocals are weapons no waisting my session yes it's time to spray 'em/put him in the booth and the kid get loose couple eye drops and the caffeine juice jumping around bout to blow this roof/slurring my by words like I lost a tooth TRUTH... I know this ain't healthy for me but if it's helping homie imma "can opens" all my lonely I'll sleep when i'm dead in the ground otherwise gotta finish these sounds/in the mean time I got a Ed with some Ed studio bound.
Hook: Thumbs up they want Dumbed Down /No meals they want crumbs now / Starving for that stupid where is cupid with his bow now! Jacob Izrael Verse : Well I know well I know everybody wanna be superman/ get signed to a major label put music out that's in demand/ but something happened cats ain't rapping/ blame it in the radio station captain/ blame it on the way cats ain't snappin'/ retailers sleep consumers nappin'/ walking round like the walking dead, ain't saying sh!* but shaking your dreads/ telling on yourself notifying the feds lack of education that sh!* is dead imma rap it like y'all show you bout the time/ I just wasted two bars rapping with this line/ everybody knows where that come from/ conform to an art form ran by dumb dumbs/ information is really available but I don't think, I don't think y'all want some so continue on a path that's empty/get money off lines elementary it don't matter who we touch in the meantime that's what you're really saying so simply I'll turn it down but won't dumb it down got folk out here wanting real sound Hashtag tight budget only if you love it never in my life will I shove it down your throat with the dumb pill/ cause I don't have to cause i'm so ill wordsmith with a beat that's a skill Hook, repeats Clizzy verse: Man I use to hate rap How is that? Get down to facts Because I doubted rap Until one day someone countered that Heard the analogies like man I like the sound of that Plus he told A story I encountered back A couple years before but I had drowned the fact That I had done so had to drink a round for that And the mans name was weezy Made it look easy Now every song u hear it's like it's on repeat Wayne u were the one that converted me distinctly Now barely anything on the radio is intriguing This is all fact this ain't no disrespect Music nowadays plays with ur intellect It's dumbed down never claiming my interest Don't get me wrong there are people in the game with a brain and I know they feel the same so give it a rest For the sake of hip hop Look at Macklemore that man made the thrift shop And he ain't ever talking bout a famous wrist watch He's the one that made his own lane in hip hop Is this not What this topics all about No lips locked I kid not I call em out Because if not it won't stop it's all around Imma take this to another level U been at the bottom longer than Neville U said u aren't gonna settle But ur foot let off of the pedal We gone race right past you Especially if u keep going on about how everything is gold in ur bathroom No one cares
Livin' Proof Hook: Don't believe the lies this world is telling you, I can see you're living in Pain Can't go buying everything they're selling you, Don't you know that the sun will rise after the rain. Verse 1: You're surprised the television is full of lies/look beyond the two you have a third eye(2) this world will have you locked up in a mental cell/a living hell a nightmare to make bail (4) it tries to shape you, mold you, and control you/ sale yourself short/maybe your soul too (6) temporary solution to try to ease the pain/ sell you wolf tickets cheap to enter the game (8) the new Jim Crow/tell me what you're in foe/I heard your song folk it was full of info (10) phones tap, your ego bragging bout your trap/guns clap you can hear it all in your raps (12) and you're wondering how they got the entail / you got seven eyes on ya, i7 that's Intel (14) crack the hard drive analyze the history/ain't no misdemeanor (misdeman) /brother those are felonies (16) Verse 2: Private bosses are pimping you while you popping guns/it ain't no fun when you're slaving for less than ones (2) had an eye on you back in elementary/preying for presence man in the penitentiary(4) instead of praying they relying in these old saying/that's a street code/mind of a man decaying (6) we got so many riders, but not enough leaders, so many damn rappers but not enough speakers (8) cycle in the hood, poverty misunderstood/she twerking for some scraps while he gripping on the wood (10) of a rental car possessions he don't even own/spent 2 bands just to get that girl alone (12) please tell me why we living like the peasants/ it ain't pleasant living outside of a blessing (14) everybody's a threat so now we killers /if entertainment's the tamer who's the gorillas (16)
Hook: When the storm is pounding and I almost had enough Imma dig a lil deeper for the strength that's up above can't nobody stop my destiny it's meant to be and I can't stop now cause my blessing is too close to me yeah and I want it all, all that you got for me and I want it all, life to the maximum! Verse: 1 Life to the max can't stop what I got planned/ not a man on this earth, only GOD can (2) do it big like that dude from Brooklyn/it's a hit track when he put the hook in (4) back to the fact that I gotta have it all/ I ain't had jack couldn't shop at the malls (6) Missed out cause I took too long / now I get busy drop a bomb on a song (8) song from the poems ain't nobody put me on/had to go and take it something like a strong arm (10) no click clacks just real raps/ now haters wanna give a kid real dap (12) I don't know why this surprise me/acting like brothers like we're the Isleys (14) where were you when I was getting no play/everybody had something to say (16) like he's from the Burg he'll never get heard/ Raps he spit they sound absurd/ matter of fact he's something like a nerd/ a spot in the light is what he don't deserve (18) walk a mile in these chucks it's something you can't do/ I'm still the same dude ain't nothing brand new/ All of a sudden they want to be the crew/ wanna kick it but this ain't Kung Fu VERSE:2 Actions over words is the movement/ Don't talk let the grind prove it (2) You don't work you don't eat you don't fest/get out the bed let your feet hit the concrete (4) so many want the bank roll the 2 chains/they want it all by sitting in the couch man (6) better yet just a click of a button/ gotta get up get out and get something (8) so I'm reaching for the top gotta grab that/but I'm stuck in this pot where these crabs at (10) they ain't never seen much, I'm not mad at/ told 'em bout my big dreams and they laughed at (12) house and the cars all from these bars/trying to reach high trying to shine like the stars (14) Do it a lil different cause ya boy from Mars/almost gave up but I've came too far (16)
Anthony Michael Garcia's Hook: No more looking back I can't change what's in the past all i'm promised are these moments I have today. I'm starting over new nothing that I have to prove moving forward i've been given a clean slate... I'm a BLANK CANVAS YAHWEH I PLACE MY PAINTBRUSH IN YOUR HANDS SO YOU CAN PAINT A BETTER MAN... I'm a blank Canvas and I can't wait to see what you'll make in my future you create... I'm a Blank Canvas Jacob's Verse: I can't write, I can't sleep so what's left, I can't paint, I can't think to save my breath (2) everything seem whack should I toss it/ it's been a few months, have I lost it (4) it seems that we've been down this path/ and when it's over it's the past I just laugh (6) now I want new laughter, and new chapters, can't escape the cave to get to the pastures (8) to be free is aim/enjoying life without a name to be blamed (10) a lot of stuff I want to get out in the open/I feel I've been drowning in this ocean (12) all along without a raft or the coast Guard/doing time behind bars without a post card (14) Guess life got a hold on me/tight grip won't let me be/i guess i'm into deep (16) yeah guilt eats like a great white/but I hear Yahweh can heal a great bite (18) so i'm taking my chances with these strokes/can't paint with that's hands cause I'll coke (20) so i'm placing the canvas at your feet/thought I was strong but really I was so weak (22) a child in my ways so I thought I was (Pablo) Picasso/foolish of me every child think he knows so (24) Proverbs 3 read verse 5/ got it written in my heart now i'm so alive (26) draw graffiti on me, long as they can read it in me, you're the painter ABBA obviously the one and only (28) but they don't hear me they wanna hear what's practical/but they don't understand how you can be magical (30) Bridge: Use me as an instrument/paint brush or a pencil then, just let the work begin/ use me like the ink in the pen/ Father let your work begin....Repeat


released February 25, 2014


all rights reserved



Trey Libra fka Jacob Izrael St. Petersburg, Florida

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