by Trey Libra fka Jacob Izrael

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Police State 02:24
Verse 1: Meanwhile back Ferguson and Baltimore/media focusing who is looting in these stores/ no crack at education, no leads to segregation/no sensitivity at all no signs of patience/emotions running deep, protesters in the streets, perpetrators in the crowd info is getting leaked/rubber bullets are flying breaking through car glass/ here they come steal shields and tear gas/y'all are people just like us and you don't know it/ we are animals savages and your eyes show it/ we're inferior, but you're superior, stainless like your vehicle inferior shhhh when's the last time you checked up in the mirror/ sins everywhere staring right back at ya/ When's the last time you looked up in the mirror, sins everywhere staring right back at ya Hook: The school ain't nothing without the tuition/ The brain ain't nothing without intuition/ The gun ain't nothing without ammunition, so listen, so listen Verse 2: Private prison sweat shops in your area/ didn't know that it was made in America/put money on your books to take care of ya/ cop a pack of cigarettes in commissaria (commissary) commissary it's real and no fairy, slavery ain't dead and that's scary/ No the system ain't sweet, so no berries/no she don't shave so it's hairy trying to stay up out the system is like running through the jungle/ trying to shake the tigers with the belly full of hunger/ can't climb up in them trees cause it's their styles/really what can I do when I'm profiled/ I obey the law, I obey the law but they're hunting me down like a scene from chainsaw/ Texas the state for those want to correct/America please get this noose off my neck/ Hook: The school ain't nothing without the tuition/ The brain ain't nothing without intuition/ The gun ain't nothing without ammunition, so listen, so listen
Grind No Moe 03:24
Hook: Grind til you can't grind no moe Grind til you can't grind no moe! Open Verse 1: I've been putting it down in this thing for years still ain't recognized by my peers/ Guess it's time to switch up some gears/get involve tickle me some ears/ain't no way I'm going out like Sears/know I'm gone die so it ain't no fear/grab you a glass it's time for cheers/non believers get cut like shears Just clocking in, getting on my grind/40 plus I got overtime, crack of dawn trying to catch the dime/early morning yes rise and grind/you don't work, you don't eat my dude, better learn something from YouTube/learn a craft, and do it yourself, cover some song, but don't be a fool/ don't be a fool, don't be so lazy, matter fact it'll drive you crazy/everybody round you getting paid/ depressing days/ won't go away/walking around with a cloud of greys/overcast in your mind til your dying days/ facing Giants like Willie Mays/Needle in haystack/ he said Hey repeat hook.... Verse 1: Working perfecting a rhyme/ while everybody claiming they're on the grind/ characters wanting the shine but really nobody investing their dimes/ flexing on models/ popping them bottles/now we're confessing our crimes/no brain food, no exercise, nothing to expand our minds/ read a book you illiterate/ WAIT/ that's been said so I stole just a little bit/not a fan of Jay Z but I grew up on the UnderGround Kings/ So I know what you mean when your pockets full of stones/ that kind of grind no I don't condone/ better chill out before you lose your throne/ he's been degraded/ he tried to flex, and he got deflated/ I know that you hate it/ cheating the grind will get you beheaded/or stuck in the dungeon with dragons/the beast and his belly got acid/consuming up burning you up because you were not about actions repeat hook.... bridge Stay on your grind, you gotta stay on your grind...
Hook: Violent Crimes, Genocide is on decline/ On how I wish this was a neighborhood of mine/ We're doing fine Poverty done lost his mind/ Get it straight tomorrow borrow more time. Trey Libra's Lyrics: Jacob, in wonderland/ sometimes I wonder man/ if the other side even want to understand/ reconciliation/ with my affiliation/ it's gonna take sometime but were tired of waiting/rubber bullets in my back during the demonstration/media lying/ I'm the victim and the battered patient/but they painted the picture like I was out looting/I be blazing hella trees, I'm a thug shooting/ I know have some things we need to deal with/ but can you please scratch us off of your kill list/ like we ain't worth the breath that GOD gave us/Father lift us up and please save us/All I'm asking you to see it from my point of view/I bleed red I'm human being just like you/ All I'm asking you to take a walk in my shoes/ I want the ultimate happiness just like you
Uriah's Part: You think it's a game, me, my brothers, and my daddy come to take it. HOOK: Put The Money In The Bag stop stalling put the money in the bag Verse 1: You know what I want, you know why I came/ I see that you're laughing but this ain't a game/ been rapping for years and building my brand/no label at all just the help of my fans/ but I'm on some stick 'em up/ and I ain't talking armor trucks/ and I ain't waiting on luck/ they sleep it's time to wake 'em up/ no gun is involved I do this with muscle, flex on these suckers and show them my hustle/ stealing your fans/ show them the real/ tighten up no need to loosen the buckle/Got the game on a noose won't let loose/everybody want proof that he will shoot/ the gun is symbolic, I'm taking over now get your hands to the roof Verse 2: Taking over blogs like Mike did radio/ way back then in the 80's yo/ protect your soul/ don't sell it for gold/ just a lil advice that a old man told/ you can tell the truth and still reach your goals/ when they wave that money yeah please don't fold/ most of these rappers are fake/ praying for a chance and break/ I ain't asking nice, I ain't here to play fair, my sole purpose is to take/ I do not love it/ but family need it/prayer it's just more than just calling on Jesus/y'all are the sources for giving me reason/ killing execs for committing such treason, guess I'm the rap robin hood/ sticking these heathens for their goods/ I wish a mutha would/ I know a lame gonna misunderstood/ I mean misunderstand/ letter B has no plan/ that's why I'm robbing and I must demand/I came as a Christian and you wouldn't listen, now that these people are forcing my hand/ don't cry me no river just show me the benjys/ don't lose your life for being so stingy Azriel: Give my daddy all that money
Newz Worthy 04:10
HOOK: Give me something Newz Worthy, Newz Worthy not that BS y'all servin' Verse 1: Give me something that is new homes/ maybe I'll take it back to the group home (break bead) share knowledge family, no need to be cheap like a big lots coupon/ Already know what you're on, it's the same o song, when the intro come on/popping bottles of patron and we selling zones/get them girls out their panties then we send them home/It's gotta be more than what you're telling/ there gotta be more than what you're selling/I'm trying to be more cause I'm a felon/ I'm trying to plant seeds up in my melon/ drink more water cause we're dying of thirst/you never seen a Uhaul pulled by a hearse/ you can't take it with you when you're put in the dirt/we selling our souls cause we don't know it's worth/ we got it so backwards/ there's power in these adverbs/we don't wanna fly like birds/we too weak to fight that urge Verse 2: Some reporting the news but it's bias/ let the truth fly right on by us/ bending it all so they're liars/ benefit for their own empires/No cookies, but their hands in the jar/ waving white flags but they still want war/be aware of the fields where you stepping/be alert with the set that you reppin'/come to take control with their weapons/ slave you and control of your section/ section 8 to your mobile homes/ no color don't matter when its profits alone/ yeah peasants kneel down to the king on the throne/tracking everything now plus your mobile phones Controlling your life and your soul / They want more riches and gold/ the devil is handsome I'm told/ Gotta be careful don't fold Verse 3: So you still wanna rap, still wanna trap/ you can be bridging the gap, but you go banana in public/ ape shit over your guns and stacks/ money ain't if it ain't saved/ neither can you take it to your grave/ try being something other than a slave/ say something that' will spark the brave/ BRAVE hearted, no slave hearted, bringing news back is my main target/ exercise the right to stretch out these bars, dang right I'm a real artist/ flexing on artist that's giving us nothing/ nigga we're hungry start giving us substance/ malnutrition is killing the culture/ rappers are dead you're seeing the vultures/ the vultures, they're flying around and looking for carcass /you look like meat, so you are the target/don't be deceive they're soaring eagles/sometimes the evil hidden in people
Not available at this time
Drug Test 03:48
HOOK: Have you ever had a black mama, a drug mama, that's drama, no pun intended because I love my mama, no disrespect, oh yes I love my mama, no disrespect, and do you love your mama? VERSE 1: I know the chorus and the hook could be a lil misleading/ but I had to write this song because I felt I'm cheating/ cheating my artistry, cheating my heart you see/ sweeping secrets under the rug you can't let it be/let me take you back, back when I was five/just a young boy taken from his tribe/when I say tribe, I don't mean from the motherland/ when I say tribe I mean from my mother's hand/from my mother's presence, the devil had his presence, he was tempting her giving her a taste of heaven/ or should I say hell, the dark place where the demons dwell/to this very day I can't stand the way it smells/ that's why I don't pour with these beakers or whipping my wrist/ most of y'all think it's a game you're taking risk/ moving weight from state to state/ proud beating chest like apes/ who gonna rescue those who snorting from the plates HOOK: VERSE2: Let's get crack rock to it, I mean right back to it/ see the kids in my class they would crack that fluent/no mercy on a boy who's mama doing all them drugs/she was missing all them years I wasn't getting no hugs/ I remember the time, and it seems like yesterday/ she's was sick from the cocaina and taken away/she went away, got sent to prison, that's what happen lacking vision/just a rebel having fun but we pay for our decisions/me and my sister was divided/our grandparents provided/ yes it hurt me just like Hell so many years I tried to hide it/her and I had different daddy's so yes that's different granny's/ Mrs. Green was very strict/ so I felt like orphan Annie/Ok Annie and my granny had a thing so there was tension/thru the years that she was missing she was rarely ever mentioned/no post cards, no letters, but I heard she's getting better/ she want to see her children circumstances wouldn't let her this is for them kids getting raised by their grandparents cause the drugs got a hold of their real parents/ this is for them kids being raised by their grandparents cause the DRUGS got a hold of their real parents.
Hook: I Bring Flowers And Balloons/I hope you get well soon/ Real life this ain't no damn cartoon, let it heal stop scratching at the wound/ Due time, I hope you get this letter, when you read it hope you feel a lil better, sorry y'all I had to leave on a stretcher, my suicide letter. Verse 1: Maybe, I am too weak to slice it, too weak to pull it too much on a diet to taste these bullets (2) coward like a kitten walking yellow brick streets/ tear drops in the mouth is a real good treat (4) they're getting sour by the hour as I reflect the past/ i breathe a lil better as I remove this mask (6) Surely not the man that you thought that I was/I'm surely not the child that you thought i was (8) Just a man that's a victim of his circumstances/ wasn't guided by the light so I took some chances (10) No Father figure to show me to how to be the man/ No disrespect to my daddy cause he's my biggest fan (12) So I grew up not really knowing who he is / but I grew a tight bond with a few of his kids (14) Those my brothers from another mother, but it hurts like a mutha mutha (16) I often wonder how it would have been/ if I was raised by my daddy and not another akin (18) grandma did the best she can/ took a young black boy turned him into a man (20) Yup, now I'm grown up and sewn up, but the patches on my holes coming loose, cotton throwing up (22) Hook: Verse 2 Rag doll that was verbally abused/ I know to you this may come as some news/ imagine me, imagine walking in my shoes/ I was scared and confused/ I was told I wasn't jack like my pappy/ no good cause my hair stayed nappy/ how the Hell Squeak suppose to stay happy/ especially when you talk to him crappy/now I'm dealing with low self esteem/ nightmares won't allow me to dream/everything ain't always what it seems/sometimes gotta use your high beams/ So I wrote this to wrote this to subside the pain/ it keep a nigga from putting a bullet in the brain/ So I wrote this to quote this to subside the pain/ it keeps a sharp blade a good distance from my veins


released September 28, 2015

Produced by: K-Drama


all rights reserved



Trey Libra fka Jacob Izrael St. Petersburg, Florida

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